Our Story

For over four decades, Patrizia Wigan Designs unique, ageless creations embody the ability to live elegantly -

Family is at the heart of what Patrizia Wigan Designs do. Our know-how is proof of our passion for quality and love of beauty,   ensuring that what ever the occasion, christening, naming ceremony, wedding or family celebration,  classic, simple, chic items, made using the finest eco-friendly.fabrics and components are on offer to help you make with the people you love, life truly special memories. .

However you choose to gift and whatever you choose to say – thank you, congratulations or welcome –a beautifully wrapped Patrizia Wigan Designs gift, quite simply, says it all.

New modernity… classic pieces mixed to create charming looks, affordable luxury to bring  pleasure, love, friendship.

Exemplary customer service - Gorgeous clothes, to be worn and enjoyed again and again - part of the slow fashion revolution, aware of the impact that fast fashion has on the environment and the vast amount of clothes that end up in landfill.

Fashion Passes; Style Remains


A loving young mother, in love with natural fabrics and a desire to produce beautiful clothes that can be enjoyed for years to come.   Her formula of taking inspiration from trends in fashion but also from the wider world of art and culture.

The aesthetic is one of understated luxury.   Easy, relaxed pieces in beautiful fabrics  - Simplicity of design with clean lines and contemporary silhouettes.

Colours are suttle and sophisticated, chosen to show off the natural beauty of the fabrics.   Clothes are easy to wear and put together to create a look that is effortlessly stylish.

Her Italian maternal root defined her flair whilst her paternal Hungarian side provided perfection in manufacturing high quality products.   .Ahead of trend she grew up with sustainable fashion encompassing not only eco-friendly materials and production methods but also fair labor practices and ethical business models.

The passion for quality and love of beauty,  ensures that what ever the occasion, christening, wedding or family celebration,  classic, simple, chic items, encouraging sustainable fashion to shift towards investing in high quality, timeless pieces that are ethicaly made and environmentally friendly.   By buying less and choosing well, consumers can create a more sustainable wardrobe that lasts longer and contributs to reducing fashion waste.

Fashions pass - Style remains

  The late Patrizia Wigan