Factors to keep in Mind When Maintaining Pageboy Outfits

Factors to keep in Mind When Maintaining Pageboy Outfits

A wedding is among the most important occasions for both the bride and groom. We all know that the bride takes the lead when it comes to arranging for the wedding and one of the biggest challenges for them is to take care of the page boy outfits until their red-letter day arrives. The massive day will arrive and pageboys will look marvelous in their cute pageboy outfitsSo will the pageboys stop wearing their outfits after the wedding? The simple answer is no.

 In this article, we shall be talking about the various factors you should look at when taking care of Pageboy outfitsThe factors are explained below.


The first factor we are going to look at is the brushing of pageboy outfits. It only takes a few seconds to clean any type of outfit when using a stiff bristle brush after each wearing. Continuous brushing of the pageboy outfits can help in the removal of any food remains or any accumulation of dirt on them. 

This will help your boys to keep wearing their outfits a few more times before taking them to the cleaners. When you stop brushing the outfits after they have been worn, food particles and dirt will settle into the fabric and decompose thus may attract insects eventually leading to fabric damage.

Good Repair

As the saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine. You always ensure that the outfits are always repaired if there will be any changes in your boy’s body size. Doing this would help reduce the risk of ruining the outfit. If you notice any of the outfit buttons are about to fall off, you should immediately sew them back on before losing them. When you lose a button it will take a lot of your time trying to find the perfect match. You will also end up uneccassesaringly spending money to replace the entire outfit.

Pay Attention to Care Labels

Usually, different materials demand a different approach during laundering. Wool, for instance, should only be washed when needed, using a specific wool detergent on a gentle cycle or hand wash. It is usually advised to keep an eye on the instructions found on the label, which guide you on the maximum temperature an item should be washed at. Unless the label advises you to use dry cleaning for the pageboy outfits.

Proper Storage 

It is vital to ensure that the pageboy outfits are stored in a cool and dry space to protect them from dampness, and sunlight, which can cause damage. Before storing the pageboy outfits ensure that they are clean as dirt and food particles can attract clothes insects such as moths which will damage the outfits.