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Scenting your wedding

Scenting your wedding

One of the hottest trends for the forthcoming year has to be wedding scents. For a long time, brides have carefully chosen their wedding scent . By scenting your entire wedding, you’ll be able to create and enhance the mood of the day. 

For some time now, brides and grooms have chosen a special scent to wear on their wedding day. Lots of people opt for a new scent so that it will always remind them of their big day . Over the last few years, the concept of ‘layering’ has also become more popular and here, you use shower gel, body lotion and other products from your wedding scent’s range as you get ready for the day. The idea is that ‘layering’ your wedding scent will make the aroma last right through the day.

Our sense of smell is really closely linked to memory and recall so the theory goes that whenever you smell your wedding day scent, you’ll fire up all those memories from the day itself. And it works – just think how you already associate certain smells with certain occasions so it’s obvious why lots of couple apply the same principle to their weddings.

Scented candles are a great addition to  planning. Use them in the ceremony room to bring luxury and aroma to this part of your day. Use them sparingly during your wedding breakfast however so that the scent isn’t competing with the flavours of the food. Remember that you can mix scented and non-scented candles together so that the smell doesn’t become too overpowering

To make sure that the wedding venue is fully scented, consider using diffusers that will perfume your venue to perfection.

Scented candles at the entrance to the venue will give a great welcome to guests. Also, another scented candles in  guest lavatory is a lovely and luxurious touch.

 Let  guests take the wedding scent home at the end of the night by gifting mini scented candles as beautiful wedding favours.