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Language of flowers and herbs use for a special bridal bouquet
Weaving herbs with other flowers creates a very personal bouquet. In the language of flowers , each herb has a meaning . The timeless nature of herbs  is bound up with the  time honoured ritual of the wedding. 
Dress code to a wedding as a guest
What should I wear to a wedding with no dress code?
The 4 Parenting Styles - Francyne Zeltser
Each parenting style has different effects on children’s behavior and can be identified by certain characteristics, as well as degrees of responsiveness (the extent to which parents are warm and sensitive to their children’s needs) and demandingness...
Linen history and How it is Made
Linen widely accepted birth as a textile was in Egypt some 10,000 years ago .but there is evidence found in pre-historic caves in Georgia that suggests it might have been used as a textile some 36,000 years ago.Its use as clothing in Egypt dating back...