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Become part of our team of Home Consultants. Family is at the heart of what Patrizia Wigan Designs do. Our know how is proof of our passion for quality and love for beauty,  to ensure that what ever the occasion, christening, wedding or family celebration,  you will be able to find classic, simple and chic items made using the finest fabrics and components. Be confident and proud in selling  the ability to live elegantly as well as being ageless, standing the test of time with charm that you believe in.

⦁    The difference demonstrated

We are clearly focused on demonstrating our difference. if a product, service or experience does not demonstrate how we are different and by extension better than any alternative, we do not embrace it.

By promising we can demonstrate our difference, we are promising the best people, the best products, the finest culture and the best opportunity in our industry, fulfilling our mission and vision. Simply put,  PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs  is the difference demonstrated.

⦁    People

Our difference is demonstrated through our people. It is evident that the strength and heart of  PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs  is our people - those who collectively demonstrate their difference every day by improving lives around them and becoming inspirational leaders of life.

⦁    Product

Our difference is demonstrated through our products. PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs, design and market original, novel, and exclusive products which have the benefits that can be demonstrated, our brand offers a wide variety of opportunities to improve lives around the world.
⦁    Culture

Our difference is demonstrated through our culture. We attract talented Independent Home Consultants, leaders who thrive in a fun and productive environment.  From our events around the country, all directly contributing to PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs charitable organisation supporting education,  connected by a powerful culture of giving.


Our difference is demonstrated through opportunity. At  PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs , professional Independent Home Consultants, as leaders, thrive inspiring and empowering others.  We are committed to provide the best opportunity to make dreams a reality.

⦁    Our credentials

Created in the early 80's PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs , has been dressing  babies and children from all the European Royal Families, top film actresses and international models to famous American singers. In 2002 provided costumes for the Harry Potter  The Chamber of Secrets.

⦁    The way forward

Direct selling is a dynamic and growing industry. The direct sales industry continues to expand,  because word of mouth and personal recommendation are the most powerful ways to inform people about products.  More and more people are working from their homes, seeking financial stability and searching for ways to spend more time with family and friends.

⦁    Direct Sales

The company has chosen to use direct sales as the best way to provide point of sale education about high quality products and how to use them.


PATRIZIA WIGAN Designs  is committed to being an e-direct company of the future, forecasting substantial revenue. The Internet is the ultimate in Network Marketing.   The Internet revolution is empowering independent individuals with the tools and resources only previously afforded by major corporations.

⦁    Network Marketing

Network marketing is a person to person approach that makes products accessible to everybody through independent sales representatives.  It is an effective method of marketing and distributing products.
⦁    Key advantages of having a network marketing business

Individuals are rewarded and recognised for their creativity, hard work and service.
It requires only a small initial investment and minimal administration compared with other businesses
It entails no employees, payroll, or other complicated employee challenges.
It gives flexibility, allowing you to spend more time with your familly and friends.
Be your own boss.

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