Fashions Pass, Style Remains

However you choose to gift and whatever you choose to say – thank you, congratulations or welcome – a beautifully wrapped Patrizia Wigan Designs gift, quite simply, says it all.

Gifts For New Babies
Beautifully boxed, ready to give
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Wedding & Ceremony
Suitably smart for any special occasion
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Bridal Scent & Beauty

A special and memorable day -  A wedding day is one of the most special days in life.

Usually brides-to-be are looking for a special scent for their wedding: one that they can smell in the future to remember their big day.

Pageboy Outfits

Traditional and modern styles

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Flowergirl Dresses

From formal to casual

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Breaking through the conventional bridal mold

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For over four decades, Patrizia Wigan Designs' unique, ageless creations embody the ability to live elegantly

Family is at the heart of what Patrizia Wigan Designs do.

Our know how is proof of our passion for quality and love of beauty,  ensuring that what ever the occasion, christening, wedding or family celebration,  classic, simple, chic items, made using the finest fabrics and components that are kinder on the planet can always be found.

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